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gaia data release 3 documentation

11.4 Quality assessment and validation

11.4.2 Selection function

The published results do not contain APs for all sources. Based on the quality assessment some of the results from some of the Apsis modules (those listed below) were filtered out.

To help the scientific exploitation of the astrophysical parameters, we provide below the set of filters we applied. ’AP table’ refers to the astrophysical_parameters table, ’APSupp table’ refers to the astrophysical_parameters_supp table.

  • General
  • if parallax is NaN
    {null all GSP-Phot results},
    {null all FLAME results} (AP and APSupp tables)

  • if  >3500 OR radius >1000 R OR ϖ/σϖ(SNR)<0.5
    {null all FLAME results}

  • if Teff (GSP-Phot) > 20 000 K OR Teff (GSP-Phot) < 2500 K OR AG>10 OR [M/H] (GSP-Phot) <-3.5 OR mcmcaccept_gspphot <0.1
    {null all FLAME results} (AP table)

  • if Teff (GSP-Spec) > 8000 K OR Teff (GSP-Spec) < 4000 K OR logg (GSP-Spec) >4.8
    {null all FLAME results} (APSupp table)

  • if a non-published internal flag indicates failure of convergence
    {null mass, age, evolutionary stage}

  • if the age is outside of the valid range 0.1 to 13.5 Gyr
    {null age}

  • GSP-Spec
  • if SNR(RVS)<20 {null all GSP-Spec results}

  • if flags_gspspec[i]=9 {null related GSP-Spec parameter or abundance results}

  • if ANY(Teff, logg) is NaN,
    {null all FLAME results except for } (APSupp table)

  • if SNR(BP/RP) < 40 000
    {null all ESP-ELS results}

  • if classlabel_espels in [”unknown”, ”star”]
    {null all ESP-ELS results}

  • ESP-CS
  • if SNR(RVS) < 20 OR InternalSNR(Ca II IRT core) <15
    {null all ESP-CS results}

  • See postprocessing filters listed in Section 11.3.10

  • QSOC
  • if flags_qsoc > 16

  • AND source_selection_flags = 0 (qso_candidates Table)

  • {null all QSOC results}

  • UGC
  • if internal flag for inclusion in the publishable output = 0
    {null all UGC results}
    See UGC outputs filtering described in Section 11.3.13