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gaia data release 3 documentation

10.11 RR Lyrae stars

10.11.1 Introduction

We produced a list of confirmed all-sky RR Lyrae stars (see table vari_rrlyrae) cleaned from contaminating objects and other types of variables falling into the same period domain. For all confirmed RR Lyrae stars we provide a number of attributes (with related errors) to be published in Gaia DR3. They include: pulsation period for single-mode pulsators, first and second periodicities for double-mode pulsators, peak-to-peak amplitudes, intensity-averaged mean magnitudes, epochs of maximum light in the G, GBP, and GRP bands (when GBP and GRP are available), Fourier models (fitted amplitudes and phases) of the G, GBP, GRP time series, and the Fourier parameters of the G-band light curves. For a selected sub-sample of RR Lyrae stars for which reliable RV curves are available, we also provide the Fourier model (fitted amplitudes and phases), the average radial velocity, the epoch of minimum, and the peak-to-peak RV amplitude.