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gaia data release 3 documentation

10 Variability

10.11 RR Lyrae stars

Author(s): Gisella Clementini, Vincenzo Ripepi, Alessia Garofalo, Tatiana Muraveva, Roberto Molinaro, Silvio Leccia

The RR Lyrae branch of the SOS Cep&RRL pipeline validates and refines the detection of all-sky candidate RR Lyrae stars provided by the Classifiers of the variability pipeline based on about 34 months of Gaia time-series G, GBP, and GRP photometry and, for roughly a thousand of such variables, also from time-series radial velocity (RV) measurements produced by the Radial Velocity Spectrometer (RVS) on board of Gaia. For the RR Lyrae stars confirmed by the SOS Cep&RRL pipeline (271 779 sources in total) we provide pulsation characteristics, G, GBP, GRP light curves and, for a subsample of 1100 RR Lyrae stars, also radial velocity curves. In this section we describe the procedure that led to the definition of the final sample of confirmed RR Lyrae stars released in Gaia DR3. More details on the selection procedures and characterization of the RR Lyrae sample can be found in Clementini et al. (2023).