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gaia data release 3 documentation

6.4 Processing steps

6.4.6 STAMTA

The single-transit analysis (STA) and multi-transit analysis (MTA) modules are integrated in the same workflow, named STAMTA in Figure 6.1. First, STA processes the data per transit to obtain the epoch cross-correlation functions, the epoch spectroscopic radial velocities, and (for the brighter stars) the epoch spectral line broadening velocity, vbroad. For the brighter stars, MTA combines the epoch radial velocities to produce the radial velocity of the star, radial_velocity, and the epoch vbroad to produce the vbroad of the star; both are published in Gaia DR3. For the fainter stars, MTA combines the epoch cross-correlation functions and determines the radial_velocity of the stars published in Gaia DR3.