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gaia data release 3 documentation

10.8 Long period variables

10.8.2 Properties of the input data

The list of input sources for LPV processing is a subset of the sources classified as LPV by the supervised classification processing (Section 10.3) that meet the following selection criteria based, among others, on G, GRP, GBP photometry and on astrometry:

  • NG>12, where NG is the number of data points in G after outliers removal; this limit led to the exclusion of a few nearby and bright LPVs;

  • NRP/NG>0.8, where NRP is the number of data points in GRP after outliers removal;

  • GBP-GRP>0.5 mag, computed using the median values of GRP and GBP, to account for the typical colour range of LPVs and to exclude misclassified hot stars;

  • QR5(G)>0.1 mag, where QR5 is the 5–95 % trimmed range;

  • astrometry-based criteria: ruwe (renormalized unit weight error) must be available and the number visibility_periods_used of the astrometric solution must be greater than ten;

  • additional criteria are used involving classification probabilities as described in Lebzelter et al. (2023).