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gaia data release 3 documentation

12.3 Characteristics of the extragalactic sources

12.3.7 Other parameters

Some other parameters contained in the integrated extragalactic tables are not discussed in detail in this chapter, as they are primarily addressed in other part of the on-line documentation. We however mention them here for completeness:

  • The Surface brightness parameters stored in both tables are described in Chapter 9 and Ducourant et al. (2023), and we have limited our analysis here to their correlation to the redshifts derived by the applicable modules.

  • The AGN parameters stored in the qso_candidates table are essentially a copy of those hosted by the vari_agn table and as such we refer the reader to Section 10.4 and Carnerero et al. (2023) for details about their properties.

  • Class probabilities/scores of the respective Vari-Classification and DSC are not discussed in detail in this chapter. For this we refer to Section 10.3 and Section 11.3.2 respectively, as well as Rimoldini et al. (2023), Delchambre et al. (2023) and Gaia Collaboration et al. (2023b).

  • The OA classification has here only been addressed from the perspective of the source overlaps between modules and classes (Section 12.3.4). It is, however, possible to also check the quality of this classification through other metrics and we refer to Section 11.3.12 and Gaia Collaboration et al. (2023b).