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gaia data release 3 documentation

17.2 Catalogue plots

17.2.10 Other astrometric parameters

Figure 17.44: HEALPix maps of median ruwe for all sources (large image), 5p (large image) and 6p (large image) solutions.

Figure 17.45: Histogram of ruwe for 5p and 6p solutions (large image) using bins of 0.267, 2D histogram of ruwe as a function of parallax_error for all sources (large image), using bins of 0.057 mas for parallax error and 0.044 for ruwe, and median of visibility_periods_used in the previous 2D histogram (large image).

Figure 17.46: HEALPix map of median astrometric pseudocolour (large image) and median pseudocolour_error (large image) for sources with 6p solution.

Figure 17.47: HEALPix map of median visibility_periods_used (large image), 2D histogram of astrometric_gof_al as a function of visibility_periods_used (large image), using bins of 1 for visibility periods and 0.28 for astrometric_gof_al, and median parallax_error for the previous histogram (large image).

Figure 17.48: 1D histogram of the ipd_frac_multi_peak (large image) in bins of 2.0, and the distribution of G magnitude (large image) and parallax (large image) as a function of ipd_frac_multi_peak, using bins of 0.728.