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gaia data release 3 documentation

17.2 Catalogue plots

17.2.2 Photometry

Figure 17.3: HEALPix map of median G (large image), median GBP (large image) and median GRP (large image) magnitudes

Figure 17.4: HEALPix map of median GBP-GRP (large image), median GBP-G (large image) and median G-GRP (large image) colours

Figure 17.5: HEALPix map of signal-to-noise ratio for G (phot_g_mean_flux_over_error) (large image), GBP (phot_bp_mean_flux_over_error) (large image) and GRP (phot_rp_mean_flux_over_error) (large image)

Figure 17.6: Histograms of the number of sources as a function of the GBP-G (large image), GBP-GRP (large image), and G-GRP (large image) colours.

Figure 17.7: Median signal-to-noise ratio in the colour-magnitude plane for G (phot_g_mean_flux_over_error) (large image), GBP (phot_bp_mean_flux_over_error) (large image) and GRP (phot_rp_mean_flux_over_error) (large image), respectively.

Figure 17.8: Sky distribution of the median phot_bp_rp_excess_factor (large image) and histogram as a function of G and GBP-GRP colour (large image).