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gaia data release 3 documentation

14.5 Multidimensional analysis

14.5.4 Extended Objects

The morphological parameters provided in the Extended Objects table (Ducourant et al. 2023) were compared to external catalogues, such as, GAMA (Kelvin et al. 2012), the Dark Energy Survey (DES Tarsitano et al. 2018), and SDSS DR16 (Ahumada et al. 2020). This comparison is shown in the Gaia DR3 validation paper (Babusiaux et al. 2023). From the Gaia data alone, we identify a saturation in both the effective radius and Sérsic n-index, most likely associated with the limited window size (Figure 14.69).

Figure 14.69: Gaia Sérsic n-index and effective radius (Reff) in logscale. The figure shows the truncation of Reff and a saturation of the index at n=8.