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gaia data release 3 documentation

14 Validation

14.2 Internal comparisons

Author(s): Claus Fabricius, Teresa Antoja, Frédéric Arenou, Nathalie Bauchet, Josep Manel Carrasco, Francesca Figueras, Albert Garcia-Gutierrez, Carme Jordi, Nicolas Leclerc, Albert Masip, Pau Ramos, Jan Rybizki, Mercè Romero-Gómez, Michael Weiler

The internal validation performs checks of basic features of the catalogue without explicitly drawing on external information. The checks include consistency and sanity verification to see that all data items have values in the expected range and fulfil certain elementary conditions. The purpose of this latter group of tests is to catch problems in unit conversions and in populating the database. Because the number of items is large, and rising from one release to the next, these checks have to a large extent to be automatic.