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gaia early data release 3 documentation

12.2 Changes for Gaia Gaia EDR3

12.2.1 Usability improvements

In the simple query form:

  • Direct coordinate expression supported as target name resolution

  • Multitarget search with epoch and proper motion propagation. Target names are preserved in the results table

  • Support for catalogue-level Epoch correction in basic search

  • Upload in CSV format correction to support larger files with variable length data types

  • SYNC queries timeout message improved

As query language (ADQL) improvements:

  • Direct query of results from previous jobs through the creation of the virtual schema JOB_UPLOAD

  • Addition of the SIGN function to ADQL syntax

  • Improvement of behaviour of joins based in the USING clause

  • One line comments are now supported

  • Conditional expression CASE function to create conditional values columns according to response parameters.

  • CAST functions with convert between datatypes, with special use for compatibility with versions of external catalogues accessed

  • Boolean conditions allowed as parameters in ADQL user defined functions

  • New mathematical functions support (cbrt(), cot(), div(), log(), width_bucket())

  • New COALESCE and NULLIF functions

  • Fix for conditional UDFs failing for some queries with case_expression() function

  • DISTANCE function now supporting column operands

  • Support of CONTAINS(point, polygon)

  • ADQL syntax: corrected behaviour for NOT BETWEEN sentences