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gaia early data release 3 documentation

12.2 Changes for Gaia Gaia EDR3

12.2.4 Product linking capabilities

After introduction of the product linking interface to serve epoch photometry in Gaia DR2, this interface has been largely improved for Gaia EDR3. From the original selection only per source ID, it has been upgraded to support the following modes:

  • source id ranges

  • source IDs list

  • job ID + column of IDs

  • user table + column of ID

Figure 12.2 brings one example of how requests for job ID + column of IDs are displayed to the user.

Figure 12.2: Selection of associated datalink products to query results

Other improvements include:

  • Support of DR-qualified source identification field (designation) and usage for source linking as the default option. Source ID identifiers now supported with additional DR qualification

  • Possibility to retrieve grouped data products for several sources

  • Additional retrieval format in plain Gaia data model: RAW