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gaia early data release 3 documentation

12.2 Changes for Gaia Gaia EDR3

12.2.3 Extended Archive contents

The Gaia Archive now contains original versions of several catalogues, under the External catalogues section:

  • RAVE DR5 (external.ravedr5_dr5, ravedr5_com, ravedr5_gra, ravedr5_on)

  • APASS DR9 (external.apassdr9)

  • TMASS XSC (external.tmass_xsc)

  • SKYMAPPER DR1 (external.skymapperdr1_master)

  • SDSS DR13 (external.sdssdr13_photoprimary)

Other catalogues of extra parameters added from DR2 release:

  • RUWE (gaiadr2.ruwe)

  • External catalogue of distances (external.gaiadr2_geometric_distance)