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gaia data release 3 documentation

14.4 Comparison with external catalogues

14.4.5 XP and RVS spectra

Sampled XP spectra are compared with CALSPEC (Bohlin et al. 2014, 2021 March Update, quadratically adding the statistical and systematic errors), NGSL (Heap and Lindler 2016, quadratically adding a 2% systematic error), MILES (Falcón-Barroso et al. 2011, normalising them to the Gaia spectra median flux on the same wavelength range), Stritzinger (Stritzinger et al. 2005), Xshooter Spectral Library (XSL DR2 Gonneau et al. 2020, degraded to a resolution of 500), SDSS mastar (Yan et al. 2019).