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gaia data release 3 documentation

14.4 Comparison with external catalogues

14.4.4 Radial Velocities and line broadening

Radial velocities were compared to GALAH DR3 (Buder et al. 2021) with flag_sp<4, RAVE DR5 (Kunder et al. 2017), APOGEE DR16 (Ahumada et al. 2020) with at least 3 visits, GES DR3 (Gilmore et al. 2012), SIM (Makarov and Unwin 2015), Carmenes (Lafarga et al. 2020) and CS18 (Soubiran et al. 2018b).

The line broadening parameter is compared to the catalogues of GALAH DR3 (Buder et al. 2021), APOGEE DR16 (Ahumada et al. 2020) (although no error is provided), Carmenes (Lafarga et al. 2020), Abt et al. (2002) and De Medeiros et al. (2014).