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gaia data release 3 documentation

11.2 Properties of the input data

11.2.2 Use of photometric data in CU8

Author(s): Orlagh L. Creevey

The DSC, GSP-Phot, FLAME, and the ESP-ELS modules use the integrated G-band photometry G, phot_g_mean_mag, from photometric processing, see Chapter 5, to derive APs. DSC, GSP-Phot and ESP-ELS also use the integrated BP and RP photometry, GBP and GRP, phot_bp_mean_mag and phot_rp_mean_mag. The reconstructed passbands (Montegriffo et al. 2023) are also used to simulate some of the data needed to train models in CU8, see Section 11.2.3 for more details.