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gaia early data release 3 documentation

13 Datamodel description

13.6 Differences between the Gaia EDR3 and DR2 data models

Here we summarise the differences between the new (Gaia EDR3) data model and that presented in the previous (DR2) release. Users of the archive systems (Chapter 12) will be aware that ADQL provides the primary interface to the data, and that all table names are prefixed with a release identifier in ADQL scripts – for example, gaiaedr3.gaia_source for the main catalogue table in the current release. At a minimum it will be necessary to update table prefixes in older scripts from gaiadr2 to gaiaedr3 to enable them to work with the new data. Furthermore it is important to note that the set of tables presented in the new release is not identical to those released previously. Even when the same table name is present there are a small number of columns that have name changes or that are not included in the new release.