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gaia early data release 3 documentation

6 Spectroscopy

6.1 Introduction

Author(s): Paola Sartoretti, George Seabroke, Ronny Blomme and Marc David

The radial velocities listed in Gaia EDR3 are not new. They were copied for convenience from Gaia DR2, leaving aside any identified spurious cases. This chapter summarises the processing and validation of the Radial Velocity Spectrometer (RVS) data released in Gaia DR2.

A more detailed description of the processing can be found in Sartoretti et al. (2018), and one of the validation in Katz et al. (2019). A description of the RVS instrument is provided in Cropper et al. (2018). A detailed description of the way in which Gaia DR2 radial velocities were propagated to Gaia EDR3 sources is provided in Seabroke et al. (2020).