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gaia early data release 3 documentation

8 Validation

8.7 Open and globular clusters

Author(s): Antonella Vallenari

The analysis with open clusters makes use of two data sets: a selection of about 200 clusters with well known parameters (thereafter best data set) for a total of 70,000 stars about; and a wider sample of 2043 clusters including 250,000 stars (thereafter whole sample) (Cantat-Gaudin et al. 2020). The best data base is the same already used to validate Gaia DR2 by Arenou et al. (2018). Cluster member selection is obtained using proper motions. Finally, we make use of three external reference Catalogs, namely Dias et al. (2014) (thereafter DAML), Kharchenko et al. (2013) (thereafter MWSC) and finally Cantat-Gaudin et al. (2018) that includes Gaia DR2 photometry and astrometry.