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gaia data release 3 documentation



This documentation has been prepared by ESA and DPAC under work package 920 ‘Documentation’, lead by Małgorzata (Goska) van Leeuwen (Cambridge), in the DPAC ‘Catalogue Access’ Coordination Unit CU9, lead by Xavier Luri (Barcelona). Technical aspects, including the conversion from LaTeX to HTML, have been lead by Małgorzata (Goska) van Leeuwen (Cambridge) and Enrique Utrilla Molina (Aurora Technology B.V. for ESA). The other work-package members are, in alphabetical order, Jos de Bruijne (ESA), Alex Hutton (Aurora Technology B.V. for ESA), Tineke Roegiers (HE Space for ESA), and Floor van Leeuwen (Cambridge). Martin Bremer (Telespazio UK for ESA) has provided technical support. The HTML version of this documentation has been produced with the LaTeX to XML/HTML/MathML converter LaTeXML developed by Bruce Miller at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The contents of the documentation have been collected, edited, and homogenised by the following ‘documentation coordinators’, listed in alphabetical order: Frédéric Arenou, Carine Babusiaux, Ronny Blomme, Jos de Bruijne, Giorgia Busso, Carla Cacciari, Javier Castañeda, Pilar de Teodoro, Christine Ducourant, Laurent Eyer, Claus Fabricius, Michele Fabrizio, Laurent Galluccio, Gonzalo Gracia, Nigel Hambly, David Hobbs, Alex Hutton, Xavier Luri, Minia Manteiga, Paola Marrese, Karri Muinonen, José Osinde, Dimitri Pourbaix, Tineke Roegiers, Lorenzo Rimoldini, Paola Sartoretti, Paolo Tanga, David Teyssier, Ana Ulla, and Enrique Utrilla Molina. The names of contributors of chapters and (sub)sections are provided in the documentation.