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gaia data release 3 documentation


Documentation change log

  • 2021-06-04, Version 1.0: first internal draft.

  • 2022-06-13, Version 1.1: first public release (full pdf version).

  • 2023-02-07, Version 1.2: (full pdf version).

    • Added summaries of two performance verification papers, Gaia Collaboration et al. (2023h) and Holl et al. (2023a) in Chapter 19 ‘Performance verification’.

    • Added descriptions of tables related to the two added performace verification papers, chemical_cartography and vari_spurious_signals, in ‘Datamodel description’.

    • Added link to OBMT converter in Section 1.3.1 ‘Time coverage’.

    • Updated Executive summary with information on corrected planetary transit table.

    • Updated Section 10.10 ‘Planetary transits’.

    • Updated references to Gaia Collaboration and performace verification papers published since version 1.0, and added more bibliographical references.

    • Updated references to publicly available DPAC documents.

    • Removed reference to 2022 Gaia EDR3 cross-match paper by Marrese et al.

    • Updated data model to PVP_20.1.0 patch.

    • Made several corrections in the main text and datamodel description.

  • 2023-07-10, Version 1.3: (full pdf version).

    • Added information about new transformations between photometric systems.

    • Updated references of Gaia DR3 papers after publication of special Gaia DR3 issue of A&A.

    • Made several minor corrections.