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gaia data release 3 documentation

20.15 Differences between the Gaia DR3 and EDR3/DR2 data models

20.15.4 Column changes between Gaia EDR3 and Gaia DR2

Where tables were common between Gaia EDR3 and DR2, the following deletions and renamings should be noted (we do not include columns that were completely new in Gaia EDR3 in this digest):

Main catalogue tables

The following columns were deleted from table gaia_source:

  • astrometric_weight_al;

  • mean_varpi_factor_al;

  • frame_rotator_object_type;

  • phot_variable_flag;

  • priam_flags;

  • teff_val;

  • teff_percentile_lower;

  • teff_percentile_upper;

  • a_g_val;

  • a_g_percentile_lower;

  • a_g_percentile_upper;

  • e_bp_min_rp_val;

  • e_bp_min_rp_percentile_upper;

  • e_bp_min_rp_percentile_lower;

  • flame_flags

  • radius_val;

  • radius_percentile_upper;

  • radius_percentile_lower;

  • lum_val;

  • lum_percentile_upper;

  • lum_percentile_lower.

The following columns were renamed in table gaia_source (old Gaia DR2 names in parentheses):

  • pseudocolour (was astrometric_pseudo_colour);

  • pseudocolour_error (was astrometric_pseudo_colour_error);

  • astrometric_matched_transits (was astrometric_matched_observations);

  • matched_transits (was matched_observations).

The following column remains in table gaia_source with the same name but the definition/derivation changed (see the linked description for more detail):


The following columns were deleted in _best_neighbour tables:

  • gaia_astrometric_params;

  • best_neighbour_multiplicity.

The following column was deleted in _neighbourhood tables:

  • gaia_astrometric_params.