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gaia data release 3 documentation

20.15 Differences between the Gaia DR3 and EDR3/DR2 data models

20.15.2 Column changes between Gaia DR3 and Gaia EDR3

Where tables are common between Gaia DR3 and EDR3, the following alterations should be noted:

Main catalogue table

The following columns have been deleted from table gaia_source:

  • dr2_radial_velocity;

  • dr2_radial_velocity_error;

  • dr2_rv_nb_transits;

  • dr2_rv_template_teff;

  • dr2_rv_template_logg;

  • dr2_rv_template_fe_h.

The Gaia DR2 radial velocity quantities that were included for convenience in Gaia EDR3 are superseded by an expanded set of attributes for more sources as detailed in Table 6.1 in Gaia DR3.

The following flag columns have been added:

These all indicate availability of further data in relevant tables cross-referenced by source_id.

In addition to the above 27 selected astrophysical parameter columns are copied in to gaia_source from table astrophysical_parameters for convenience. These columns appear at the end of the table column list from classprob_dsc_combmod_quasar onwards.