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gaia data release 3 documentation

7.5 Orbital solutions from spectroscopy: SB2

7.5.2 Properties of the input data

The input data are made of a list of two RVs (and their respective 1σ-errors) corrected to make reference to the barycentre of the solar system. They are accompanied by a time of observations expressed in barycentric Julian days with respect to the Gaia DR3 reference epoch. The number of points of the time series corresponds to the number of transits for which the radial velocity has been properly measured with success. Transits where the two components were not detected due to blending correspond to twice the same RV value. The data could present several weaknesses such as outliers and wrong radial velocities due e.g. to template mismatch errors. These problems are well documented in Chapter 6 and will not be further detailed here.