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gaia data release 3 documentation

9 Surface brightness profiles of extragalactic sources

9.6 Data products

Both chains deliver the morphological light profile parameters and the shape parameters (position angle and ellipticity) for the sources processed that are not filtered out at the post-processing and are stored accordingly in the qso_candidates or galaxy_candidates table. A flag of quality and specificity of the fitting is given in both tables: host_galaxy_flag for quasars and flags_sersic, flags_de_vaucouleurs for the galaxies that complement the light profiles. The flag host_galaxy_detected is also provided in the qso_candidates table to indicate when the host galaxy around the central quasar is detected by Gaia.

Only a sub-sample of the sources processed have light profiles parameters published in the output tables. The post-processing has selected the most reliable profiles to be published in the output tables.

This section is redundant with the chapter dedicated to the data model description of the archive (Chapter 20), but focuses on parameters provided by the surface brightness profile pipeline for extragalactic sources.