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gaia data release 3 documentation

20.9 Science alert tables

20.9.2 alerts_mixedin_sourceids

Some photometric science alerts mix transits from their primary source and other sources in the catalogue. This is done when those sources are believed to be associated with a single, astrophysical source.
This table lists the identifier for these mixed-in sources, linking them to the primary source_ids listed in table science_alerts.

Columns description:

solution_id : Solution Identifier (long)

All Gaia data processed by the Data Processing and Analysis Consortium comes tagged with a solution identifier. This is a numeric field attached to each table row that can be used to unequivocally identify the version of all the subsystems that were used in the generation of the data as well as the input data used. It is mainly for internal DPAC use but is included in the published data releases to enable end users to examine the provenance of processed data products. To decode a given solution ID visit

alert_source_id : Primary source_id associated with the alert (long)

The primary source_id associated with the alert, as listed in table science_alerts.

mixed_in_source_id : Additional source_id, if any, associated with the alert (long)

Identifier of the additional source_id, if any, associated with the science alert.