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gaia data release 3 documentation

18.2 Changes for Gaia DR3

18.2.1 New features


  • Increased download limit from 1000 to 5000 sources;

  • Added pop-up window to inform users that data is being prepared for download;

  • Updated layout of and enriched textual help in the DataLink wizard;

  • Added support for ECSV file format (Aldcroft and Taylor 2021);

  • Added support for the COMBINED CSV data structure (see the DataLink bulk-download products tutorial on;

  • Added support for variable-length arrays in FITS serialisation.

Web user interface:

  • Updated design of the basic search tab;

  • Updated the query examples;

  • Added support for users to rename user table and column names;

  • Added support for FITS format in table upload service;

  • Added support for ECSV format (Aldcroft and Taylor 2021) for download and upload;

  • Implemented an Archive status semaphore at


  • Upgraded TAP interfaces to version 1.1, increasing functionalities and compliance with VO tools and services;

  • Added ADQL user-defined function (UDF) descriptions to TAP capabilities;

  • Upgraded VOTable to version 1.4 (see;

  • Various HW/SW upgrades;

  • Various Astroquery enhancements and bug fixes (see;

  • Various software bug fixes.