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gaia data release 3 documentation

5.8 The Gaia Andromeda Photometric Survey

5.8.4 Extracting GAPS epoch data from the archive

This can be done from the main archive up to a limit of 5 000 sources at a time. Once you have made your query on in_andromeda_survey = 't', click on the DataLink icon on the right (two links of a chain). In the window that has popped up, select the data release you are interested in and click on “Show Data”. This should show “Epoch photometry” in the list. Select “INDIVIDUAL” and whatever output data format you require. Then click on the download icon next to “Epoch photometry”. Individual files will be created in a separate folder within your usual downloading location.

For downloading more than 5 000 sources at a time, it is possible to use a Python script. An example of such a script is given in the appendix of Evans et al. (2023).