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gaia data release 3 documentation

14.1 Introduction

14.1.6 Radial velocities

While Gaia EDR3 merely repeated the 7 M radial velocities from Gaia DR2, Gaia DR3 introduces 30 M radial velocities using the much larger set of observations.

Tests discussed below show:

  • Some spurious velocities in the vicinity of bright(er) sources. This is a long known problem that has been greatly diminished in Gaia DR3, but errors of more than 500kms-1 may still occur, cf. Section 14.2.6;

  • Intriguing differences with the GOG20 model as shown in Figure 14.46 and Figure 14.47;

  • A small set of faint (G>16) magnitude, very red sources (GRVS-G<-3) still have radial velocities, that may be spurious, cf. Section 14.5.2

  • Tests using clusters suggest that small radial_velocity_error (below 2 kms-1) are underestimated, cf. Section 14.7.3.