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gaia data release 3 documentation

15.3 External catalogues matched with Gaia DR3

15.3.8 AllWISE

Reference papers:
Wright et al. 2010;
Mainzer et al. 2011.

The AllWISE program builds upon the work of the successful Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer by combining data from the WISE cryogenic and NEOWISE post-cryogenic survey phases to form the most comprehensive view of the full mid-infrared sky currently available.

Cross-match algorithm

According to the definition used in this work, AllWISE is a dense survey, in the cross-match algorithm Gaia is the leading catalogue, this means that Gaia objects matches are searched for in AllWISE. For this catalogue special treatment was done for a) the sources which are resolved in Gaia, and b) small issues in Gaia astrometry, especially for bright stars.