7.4.1 Introduction

We produce a list of confirmed all-sky RR Lyrae and Cepheid stars cleaned from contaminating objects and other types of variables falling into the same period domain. For all stars we provide a number of attributes (with related errors) to be published in the second Gaia Data Release among which, specifically: period, peak-to-peak amplitudes, mean magnitudes and epoch of maximum light in G, GBP, GRP bands (when GBP and GRP are available) as well as Fourier parameters from the G-band light curves. Additionally, for RR Lyrae stars for which the ϕ31 Fourier parameter is available we provide a metallicity ([Fe/H]) estimate and, for RRab types we also publish an estimate of the interstellar absorption in the G-band. Also, for Cepheid stars with period shorter than about 6 days we provide an estimate of metallicity ([Fe/H]).