10.4.5 Astrophysical parameters


First tests work on low extinction stars, checking that indeed their extinction values and associated uncertainties are consistent with being low. For this we use a selection in Galactic latitude b>50where the extinction is expected to be small and at most E(B-V)=0.05 and stars within the local bubble with parallax>20 mas (50 pc), where there is no significant extinction.

We compare the Gaia DR2 extinctions to the ones provided together with APOGEE DR14 (http://www.sdss.org/dr14/data_access/value-added-catalogs/?vac_id=apogee-dr14-based-distance-estimations/).


Temperatures were compared with spectroscopic surveys ones: APOGEE DR14 (Holtzman et al. 2015), LAMOST DR2 (Luo et al. 2015), GALAH DR1 (Martell et al. 2017), GES DR3 (Gilmore et al. 2012).


Radius were compared with asteroseismic ones (Yu et al. 2018; Serenelli et al. 2017) and with the JMMC Catalogues: JSDC version 2 (Bourges et al. 2017) and JMDC (Duvert 2016), selecting only stars with Gaia DR2 parallax relative error smaller than 10%.