2.5 variable_summary

Table with variability summary of sources with photVariableFlag = "VARIABLE" in the gaia_source table.

Columns description:

solution_id : Solution Identifier (long)

The data in the MDB will be described by means of a ”Solution identifier” parameter. This will be a numeric field attached to each table row that can be used to unequivocally identify the version of all the subsystems that where used in the generation of the data as well as the input data used. Each DPC generating the data will have the freedom to choose the Solution identifier number, but they must ensure that given the Solution identifier they can provide detailed information about the ”conditions” used to generate the data: versions of the software, version of the data used…

source_id : Unique source identifier (long)

A unique single numerical identifier of the source obtained from gaia_source (for a detailed description see gaia_source.source_id)

phot_variable_fundam_freq1 : Fundamental frequency 1 (double, Frequency[day-1])

Identified 1st fundamental frequencies in the photometric G band, copied from either the Cepheid or Rrlyrae table depending on the value of classification.

classification : Photometric variability classification ”RRLYR” (RR Lyrae) or ”CEP” (Cepheid) (string, Dimensionless[see description])

Photometric variability classification for the types included in this data release: ‘RRLYR’ (RR Lyrae) or ‘CEP’ (Cepheid). The tables Cepheid and Rrlyrae contain detailed results for each type.